The Working Mom Diet: 8 Simple Strategies for Busy Moms to Stay Healthy

Once you become a mom, your kids become your priority. Being a mom is a 24 hr job. While taking care of their kids, moms keep their health at the back foot. What we don’t understand is that by ignoring our health, we are planting seeds for an unhealthy future. If we won’t be fit and healthy, how will we take care of our family?

Being healthy has lots of advantages. You will be more energetic, active, physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. Besides this, it would also help you in preventing various lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart-related issues, back-related issues, depression, and breast cancer.

We all are well aware of the importance of staying healthy. But still, we overlook it. Below we have discussed a few easy strategies that would help you in losing weight and staying fit.

1. Menu plan

Being the lady of the house, the responsibility of grocery shopping, menu planning, etc. lies in your hand. What we eat plays a crucial role in maintaining our health. While preparing the menu, try to focus more on eating nutritious and healthy food. A meal rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. is not only good for you but also for your entire family. If possible, try avoiding fried food, processed food, canned food items, etc. as they are quite harmful to our health. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always preferable.

If possible, try preparing a menu plan for the entire week. Deciding what to cook is more complicated than cooking the meal. So, once you have your menu ready, you can shop your grocery accordingly. Also, you will save lots of your time, which you would otherwise spend on deciding the menu every day.

2. Make healthy snacks

Running after kids, husband, and managing house, as well as, jobs can be very tiring. Many a time, we get so much irritated that we end up shouting and getting angry on our kids. After all this running around, feeling hungry is quite common. Most of the time, we end up eating whatever is available.

If our kids ask us for some snacks we will cook the healthiest and tastiest meal possible. But when it comes down at us, we all think the same, ‘who will go to the kitchen and cook.’ As a  result, we end up consuming whatever readymade snacks available in our fridge or cupboard.

Well, any easy way to overcome this snack issue is, try making some healthy snacks in bulk whenever you have some free time. This way,  you can have these healthy snacks whenever you are feeling angry, hungry, or both.

Some of the examples of healthy snacks are mixed nuts, freshly cut vegetables with hummus, peanut butter, and apple slices.

3. Include more vegetables and fruits into your meals.

We all are well aware of the fact the fruits and vegetables are rich in essential nutrients. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables have lots of advantages. For this reason, we do try to add them to our kid’s meals. Well, next time you try forcing your kid to finish his/her greens, follow the same rule yourself. There are many fruits and vegetables which act as a calorie cutter. This means they help in reducing weight that too in a natural way. If you are looking for some weight loss, make sure to add negative calorie fruits (pineapple, etc.) in your diet. If reducing weight is your primary concern, then you may even go for an online phentermine prescription.”

Try to consume fruits and vegetables in their natural form. If possible, purchase more organic food items. One of the easiest ways of having fruits and vegetables in their raw form is preparing a salad. You can add dressing as per your taste buds and preferences. You can keep the morning 11-12 slot for a plate of salad. Similarly, you can add fruits to your morning breakfast. It may in the form of fresh juice, fruit salad, or can even add it to your cereal.

4. Keep blood sugar on an even keel

Maintaining blood sugar level is essential if you want to stay healthy. Any fluctuation in the blood sugar levels will have a direct effect on your energy level. If you feel that your energy level has gone down, try avoiding sugar-rich snacks like chocolates or energy drinks. Instead of adding those extra calories, try taking regular small meals rich in nutrients. For example, salads, freshly cut fruits, boiled eggs, etc.

5. Play with your kids

As a mom, you spend most of your time with your kids. Why not, transforming some of this time into a fun-filled and enjoyable exercise session. Play some games with your kids. It will not just be refreshing for you, but your kids will enjoy it too. You can take them to the park and play some games there. If you don’t get time to take them outside, you can enjoy a pillow fight, a dancing session, hide and seek, the list is endless. If your kids are old enough, you can even go cycling or swimming with them.

6. Schedule your time

We all have 24 hours in a day. But how we utilize this 24 hours, is what makes a difference. If you want to make most of your time, try making a schedule and stick to it. In your schedule, keep 7-8 hours for your sleep, a fixed time for meals, and, more importantly, plan out some time for a workout. A workout can be in the form of a morning or evening walk, going to the gym, a yoga session, etc. Sticking to a healthy routine would help you live a healthy and disciplined life.

7. Do yoga daily

Studies have shown that doing yoga regularly, is very beneficial for our overall well-being. It makes us physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Being a mom is quite a stressful and tiring job. Regular yoga would keep you fit, healthy, and energetic. It would also help in reducing anxiety and stress.

You can either join yoga classes or even enjoy yoga with your kids. Kids love doing yoga postures. This way, a yoga session can be converted into a fitness session for the entire family.

8. More sleep

Quality sleep plays a vital role in keeping our mind and body healthy. Studies have shown that a minimum of 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep is quite essential. Try to fix a time for your sleep. If you are feeding mother, then, as soon as your baby goes to sleep, you also try to take a nap.

Studies have shown that when we woke up after an improper sleep, we generally end up eating more. Hence, if you are looking forward to losing some calories, having a peaceful sleep is a must.

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