Which Approach Is Best for Your Project: Safe Agilist Certification Vs Scrum Master Certification?

Both Scrum master, as well as the SAFe agile certification, are based on the agile value principles.  Deciding which approach is better depends upon various factors that are internal to each organization. It depends on the objective and goals of the organization. The major details of both frameworks are as follows:

Scrum Master Certification

  • Scrum is an agile method through which software development could be administered. It is mainly efficient for teams that are smaller in size and composition. But this does not mean that firms with large scale could not use scrum for their functions.
  • The major objectives of a scrum master are three-fold. These are inspection, transparency, and extension of the framework from its core. Under scrum, the set goals of the organization are used to direct its function and all the activities.
  • Under the scrum framework, greater emphasis is put on considering it as a unique framework for implementation rather than considering it as a methodology. This strategy is very modifiable and could be executed as per the scale of the organization.
  • As an approach, scrum is a very simple framework, but it is hard for the core to execute. It also fails to take all the major aspects that affect the performance of the firm. Another shortcoming is that it is based on an individual case basis.
  • In conclusion, it helps the teams in dealing with the highly specialized process giving them a large number of choices to work on.

SAFeAgile Certification

  • SAFe is an enterprise-scale establishment method. In recent times, it is the most demanded and successful framework for scaling scrum by the top-performing firms in the marketplace.
  • SAFe is focused on the overall development of the organizations of all sizes and all compositions. It makes use of more efficient techniques like Lean management and other Agile concepts and theories to carry forward the development of the organization. Agile technologies also deploy highly organized frameworks which help in better management of the organization.
  • It could be used to manage all the possible operations and tasks that are performed in an organization. This means that an agile framework is much wider in scope and application as compared to the scrum framework. It is also applicable to the existing structure and the process of the organization.
  • However, it cannotbe customized by the organizations if they wish to. It is also a bit complicated as compared to the scrum framework.
  • In conclusion, Agile is an easily available foundation of knowledge which could be harnessed by the firms for their growth and development. Training for this framework is available in all the major cities like safe agile certification Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Agra, etc.

Based on the above-mentioned points, it could be concluded that both scrums, as well as an agile framework, have their pros and cons. Their efficiency varies as per the firm in which they are used. So, the management of the organization should frame its requirements very carefully before choosing one out of these for the firm.

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